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"In Sickness and In Health!"
~Until Death Us Do Part~
These words hurt so much, now you are gone.

In Memory of:
 My entire world-Best friend-Husband-The father of our three children-grandpa to our grand daughters...
You taught me about life. You made sure our children had a life.
 Sometimes I know you read my thoughts-
Knew my feelings-Felt my pain-Felt my love-You knew me better then I did at times-Gave your all to me, our children & grand daughters...God gave his best to us in you...♥

You said, many times that
you didn't need anybody else.
We were your family. 

Your extended family were your relatives!

Your favorite thing to say was:
"If you aren't going to listen to my advice, don't ask me for it!"

I miss you,with all I am & all I have & more.
 Time Has Healed Nothing.
 I know you are waiting for me.  I will see you my job here is done.  ♥Ada

Rod J. Baker
Born in Poplar (Wolfpoint) MT
  June 17, 1959 - July 04, 2000
West Valley, UT
41 yrs 'too young'
 Passed away on, 
'Independence Day'  

I know he is with:
(The person he admired & respected the most,
his dad) Eugene Paul
 Rod, insisted our youngest son,
name was Paul, after his dad.
I could pick any middle name I wanted.
I am glad he stuck to his guns, 
with both grandpa & daddy are gone.
  Brother. Eugene R. 'Dick' & Favorite Cousin Mark
They are all in Mopar Heaven 
(Listen when it thunders)
A massive heart attack took him away.
The doctors told me he felt nothing.
I pray they are right.

"Do not stand there at my grave and weep;

I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand there at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die."


"To the world you may have just been somebody,
but to all of us - you were the world.
Thank you for the time you spent here with us"

"Life is not measured
By the number of breaths we take,
But by the moments
That take our breath away"

"In a Blink of an Eye"
~He Was Gone~

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His legacy
"A Gentle Soul" Rod J. Baker  
Rodney Jay Baker (He change it to Rod later)was born in Poplar, near Wolfpoint, MT to Eugene P. and Phyllis A. Higgins Baker.  The fifth child.  He always had a favorite spot in his heart for his brother Bruce.  He often told stories of what Bruce did to him.  He would laugh and you knew it was a happy time in his life.

There was never a man like him and never will be again!  He was quite until it came to Mopars, (Rams) football and (Lakers) basketball.  He is wearing  Kurt Warners jersey now. Kurt Warner wrote and said he would send his Super Bowl jersey signed by the team and I never got it.  He passed away the year they both won the Super Bowl and the Lakers took the Playoffs.

Rods sense of humor was uncanning.  He would knock on the roof of the car and say "You have a Rod knocking"

Rod always said, "If a person would listen more and talk less, they just might learn something!"  Then of course he'd throw it in that he was SMART!

Rod either liked you or he didn't period!  Not too many he didn't like.  He loved people, but often didn't respect them.
This included his own mother.  Who, in his own words said she cuts people down and yet she is no better. She talked of others and what they did, etc... and yet she was with carrying another mans baby,  when she married Rod's dad.

There was a question in Rod and his fathers minds, as to  rather another brother was a Baker by blood or not!  Yet!  Rod loved his mother.  He never gain the respect he had for her back and said he left home at 15 yrs to get away from her.

Rod and his dad were close.  They knew each other and what the other one was thinking!  Rod said many times his dad was his hero! Why not?  They were both #1  in my book!  We had long talks when we stayed with his dad.  We both found out things we had no idea about.
Most of the 21 yrs and four days, as a married couple were spent together.  Rod didn't like to do things without me and later without his children.  His little family of five was enough for him.

He was a Pressman for many years.  He enjoyed seeing the product when it was done.  Outof eight plaques given out for Pressmen for excellant printing and ability, Rod won two.  Two out of the 300 Insty Prints.  Pretty good average wouldn't you say.

He worked for a horrible woman at Insty Prints. She was the worst of the worst.  She even took his  life insurance from his children when he passed away!  I suppose what goes around does come around! One Day!

If it wasn't for bad luck at times Rod wouldn't have had any luck!   Example of how things went for him.  One Valentines Day my brother asked him what to get his girlfriend.  Rod told him to go to Super 1 and get a dozen roses!  Bob did. Rod got there and they were all gone.  The next day Bob told Rod he was sure lucky as he got the last bouquet!!! 

Many stories like this one are etched in my heart.  My heart longs to hear his gentle voice, his soft touch and most of all talking to him.  A love like we had doesn't just die.  We made memories.  He loved being married, his three children and often times commented all he needed in life. Was us!  Later our two granddaughters.  Oh how proud he was to be a grandpa!

Rod passed on a pickup to our youngest son, who was seven at the time of his passing.  Our son is proud of that pickup.  Many people have tried to take it from him.  He always just says "It's not for sale!"    They wanted it because it was their dads, not because it had been Rods'.  He went through a hard time getting that pickup. His family didn't treat him fairly on it at all!  He lost more respect for some!  Paul grandma told him the pickupwould rot!   Well folks it's kept in a garage now. The pickup has new tires all around and the engine is being rebuilt by Paul and his step dad.

We laid Rod to rest with a celebration of all he stood for.  He loved the flag and yellow roses.  He  got both! The paulbearers wore three Lakers and three Rams jerseys and people who attended did the same.  He was taken to his final resting place in the back of his pickup.

We put his framed posters and a collage of family  pictures around him.  Also, on the casket was the Rams logo and a Ram hood orniment! Yellow and blue balloons were set off to release Rod.  Believe it or not he was smiling at us from the casket!

He talked to me often where he'd shut most people out.  He believed in God, His wife and children, his country USA , extended relatives and his values.   

Myself I learned a lot from this man and he knew me sometimes better then I knew myself.   There was nothing greater then seeing him hold one of our three kids in his arms.  He'd smile at them and talk in his gentle voice. 

I remember once he was told how to hold a bottle for a baby and he was pretty upset and told me, "like I have never fed a baby in my life!" We both laughed.  I miss those private life times that only he and I know about!  We'd laugh!

We were married on a summer day at his parents home in a simple ceremony, centered around the wedding rings. Which BTW he refused to take off!  June 30, 1979 seems like a lifetime ago and yet it seems like yesterday!

Since I have remarried to another wonderful man.   Your mother finally got her wish and has disowned us.  Maybe in the long run we are better off as we know Rod didn't want us to go on alone!  Rod would be proud of Pete and tell him thank you if he could.  In fact before we moved back to my home state, I think he did. Pete and I had planted a white rose bush (Pete's favorite)  It blowed all white except one yellow rose!
If love alone could've saved you,  

A million times we've needed you,
A million times we've cried.
If love alone could've saved you,
You never would have died.
In life we love you dearly,
In death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a place,
No one else will ever fill.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn't go alone.
Part of us went with you,
The day God took you home.

Sad Memories and a Happy Future  

Sad Memories and a Happy Future

A turning point in all our lives,
The day our brother died.

We felt the loss down deep within,
It changed our souls inside.

Many months of sorrow,
Became the way to cope.

There were no tomorrows,
There wasn’t any hope.

Three years later and moving on,
We still remember him.

With fondness for his jokes,
And affection for his whims.

If the holiday would bring you,
Home to family and friends.

You would find open arms and kindness
From the people who loved him.

o criticism or judgment
For moving on in life.

You found a happiness that meant
No loneliness or strife.

The only wish we have for you
Is contentment, joy and bliss.

If you can’t make it home this 4th,
You will totally be missed!!

copyrite©by Diane L. Volkman
7/6/2003 9:21 PM

 (Please don't get sad... this is a happy ending sort of poem!!)
Love ya lots and lots! Danner

Kisses from Heaven to Earth  

Kisses from Heaven to Earth
Whenever our children see a rainbow they think of, daddy.
A sunrise or sunset is his smile.
He was gone so quickly from us, we didn't know we had to say good-bye.
So many years together, so fast we fell apart.
We always know you're with us Rod, cause your love beats on in our hearts. 
We miss you and get your kisses all the time.

Thank you? For making memories, for us to carry through our love.

Ada, David, Desiree, and Paul

Rod J. Baker - Died of a massive heart attack at the age of 41 on The 4th of July, 2000 (08/17/59 - 07/04/00)

Written by Ada Emery ©copyright restricted

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